My Linux system is using Monospace Regular to display Monospace Text. I would like to try the font in my documents. However when I go through my long list of fonts it is not there. How can I make it available to LibreOffice? I am NOT trying to customize the LibreOffice GUI, I would like to include the font so that I can print papers in that font. When I visited /usr/share/ there were more than a dozen folders beginning with fonts and the fonts folder was convoluted so I couldn't locate it.

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That's not actually a font, it's just a placeholder name that gets replaced by one font which actually is both monospaced and regular (not bold, italic...).

On most Linuxes is probably going to be Bitstream Vera Mono.


I assume you have ready the TrueType font file you wish to install.

  1. In a terminal, open nautilus as root:
    $ sudo nautilus
  2. Copy the font file into /usr/share/fonts
  3. Close the terminal and open LO Writer.

You should see your new font in LO font list.

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