I've just finished installing Arch Linux following this guide.

I was having some trouble and now, although Arch is installed, I do not have iw or wireless_tools packages installed. I do not have an ethernet connection, so now I'm unable to setup my wifi connection because I can't download the needed packages.

I know the packages must be on the installation USB, because I was able to run iwctl during the installation process to get everything going.

So how can I install the packages from the installation USB into my install of Arch?

  • If you have a modern smartphone you can easily use a temporary connection, USB tethering. Apr 27, 2023 at 0:57

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As @ChanganAuto mentioned, you can use USB tethering with your mobile phone on data.

Also as per docs, you can

use pacman to install them while chrooted into the new system

It won't install the package from the USB per se, but use the installation media that has Wi-Fi configured to let you connect by Wi-Fi and install the network package you need for your Arch install.

  • First you need to mount your installed Arch Linux to /mnt.
  • Then type pacstrap /mnt (your packages)
  • Then unmount your installed Arch Linux from /mnt and reboot to your installed Arch Linux.

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