I use to edit a .desktop file to remove some categories so that a program appears in only one menu item. But if I reinstall the package (apt install --reinstall ...) the editing ("Categories=" field) is lost. Is there a better way? Thanks.

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    cp the desktop file to $HOME/.local/share/applications/ and make the changes there.
    – nobody
    Apr 7 at 17:35
  • Ok, it works, but only for the current user. If I add a new one, I should copy the modified .desktop files to the new .local dir Apr 11 at 19:13

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Okay found another way; this is for all users.

sudo mkdir /usr/local/share/applications/

and move your desktop file there. I made an own starter for mpv (with some options for playing DVD's).

When I put a dvd in my dvd drive I get following image,mpv-dvd

mpv-dvd is my own starter. I remembered one's uppon a time it was the way to make starter on your own. It seems it is still respected. It is also in my application start menu. (tested in lxqt ubuntu jammy)

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    Perfect; it works for me too. Thanks. I have Debian 11. Apr 13 at 6:29

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