Can I install Ubuntu and Fedora on the same volume group of LVM. I wanted to do this as I could extend or compress a logical volume in a volume group and share the space with others.

I was going to have separate root and home logical volumes for both these operating system. And wanted to share boot partition, a logical volume for Data.

Any suggestions? Is it even possible to install like this if I could choose the logical volumes while installing?


Steps that I think I should follow. Please correct me if I am wrong somewhere:

  1. Insert Ubuntu USB Stick and Try Ubuntu
  2. In terminal create following partitions:
    • BootUbuntu
    • BootFedora
    • GRUB
    • EFI
    • rootfs

# sgdisk --new=1:0:+768M $DEV
# sgdisk --new=2:0:+768M $DEV
# sgdisk --new=3:0:+2M $DEV
# sgdisk --new=4:0:+128M $DEV
# sgdisk --new=5:0:0 $DEV

# sgdisk --typecode=1:8301 \
  --typecode=2:8301 \
  --typecode=3:ef02 \
  --typecode=4:ef00 \
 --typecode=5:8301 $DEV

# sgdisk --change-name=1:BootUbuntu \
  --change-name=2:BootFedora \
  --change-name=3:GRUB \
  --change-name=4:EFI-SP \
  --change-name=5:rootfs $DEV
  1. Encrypt the rootfs Partition using LUKS
  2. LUKS open the encrypted partition
  3. In rootfs partition, create a volume group in the partition and following logical volumes
    • UbuntuRoot
    • UbuntuHome
    • FedoraRoot
    • FedoraHome
    • Data
    • Swap
  4. Install Ubuntu using the Ubuntu GUI installer and choose the logical volumes UbuntuRoot, UbuntuHome, Swap and partitions: EFI, BootUbuntu. And Reboot.
  5. Insert Fedora USB Stick and try Fedora
  6. Open the LUKS encrypted partition rootfs
  7. Install Fedora using the Fedora GUI Installer (Anaconda) and choose the logical volumes FedoraRoot, FedoraHome, Swap and partitions: EFI, BootFedora. And Reboot.
  8. Boot normally and hope that grub would give us option to choose between Fedora or Ubuntu.

I tool the partitioning scheme from Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_2019 - Community Help Wiki. I don't want to encrypt the boot partition and just the partition that contains Volume group with all logical volumes.

  1. In the above link, I don't know how to modify sgdisk --hybrid 1:2:3 $DEV for my use case. Can you please suggest how to modify this? And if I am doing the steps correctly?
  2. After selecting Operating system will I be able to enter the passphrase to unlock the rootfs?

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Putting different root volumes in the same VG: yes, that should work.

Using the same /boot partition: more likely to cause trouble, as every kernel update on either distro will trigger a regeneration of grub config.

I'd share the /boot/EFI partition (not much choice there: it needs to be shared by all OSes on the machine), but not /boot itself. No big deal, the typical space usage of a /boot is << 500 MB.

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