I am trying to install the calendar.vim plugin on mac osx snow leopard running gvim. I have pathogen.vim installed, so I followed the instructions on github to install calendar.vim from the terminal:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://github.com/mattn/calendar-vim

I've got it, and everything appears to be where it is supposed to be, as far as I can tell, but it isn't working. I type :Calendar a get the error:

E492: Not an editor command: Calendar

I've tried :calendar also, I have restarted vim and no luck. What am I missing?


After doing these commands:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://github.com/mattn/calendar-vim

You need to add the following line to your $HOME/.vimrc file:

Bundle 'calendar-vim'

After doing this when I start up vim I get the command:


Which shows the following in vim.


                      ss of vim w/ calendar plugin


It looks like your Pathogen setup isn't working.

Check that

:set runtimepath?

contains ~/.vim/bundle/calendar-vim.

With :scriptnames, you can check which files have been sourced; to be successful, there must be a plugin/calendar.vim in there.

It's difficult to troubleshoot the particular Pathogen problem with that little information, sorry; I hope you can figure it out.

  • ~/.vim/bundle/calendar-vim is in the runtime path, but it's not listed in the scriptnames. I'll try to reinstall pathogen – John Aten May 1 '13 at 2:26

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