I am attempting to boot parrot os onto my stream-deck 11 hp laptop, which has no current os on it, and I am attempting to find tutorials on how to boot it, but there is no answer to my problem. Whenever I attempt to boot, I get GNU GRUB version 2.06-3parrot4, and no matter what commands I follow, I cannot seem to get it to boot.

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    Welcome to U&L. "Doesn't work" doesn't give anything anyone can use to determine what you should do. Please edit your question to provide more context such as what "commands" exactly you've followed, what resources used, what exact messages you get etc. Please see the guidelines on asking a question in the Help center for advice on formatting the question so that it's answerable. yesterday
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    It is unclear whether you have actually installed an OS on the machine (you say "which has no current os on it"). Are you having issues starting the installation?
    – Kusalananda
  • And it's HP Stream 11 (several variants. which one is yours?), nothing to do with "deck" that skews any google search to the (ElGato) Stram Deck+, an audio mixer. Please edit the question and post the full hardware specifications and how exactly did you made the USB live/installation media. Furthermore, Parrot OS is NOT a normal desktop Linux distro, something we'd expect the users of a small entry level laptop to be using. People who use Parrot for its specific purpose do NOT post such trivial questions because they're able to troubleshoot it. yesterday


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