I am running JWM as my window manager on Arch.

I am looking for as lightweight of a battery monitor I can get that shows the battery percentage live in the system tray.

The common recommendation is to use cbatticon as a lightweight battery monitor, but I don't want an icon. I just want "42%" etc. I know cbatticon does this when you hover over it, but I would like it displayed in the tray at all times.

Can cbatticon be made to do this (relatively easily without knowing C and editting the source)?

If not, is there a lightweight battery monitory for the tray that does this? Alternatively, is there a program that will display bash output as text in the tray? Then I could just read from /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity at intervals of 10 seconds and display the output.

Are there any packages on Arch that will do this?

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