How do I create a GUI based distro from Arch? Is there a simple way to do it? I want to build it from the terminal itself(without doing real coding except bash scripting). Please assist me. :)

  • By Arch I mean a fresh installation of Arch.
    – lunix
    Mar 15 at 12:29
  • Do you mean: 1) How do I configure a GUI on Arch? 2) How do I make my own Arch-based distro? or 3) How do I write my own desktop environment? Those are three totally independent actions, and all of them are beyond the scope of a forum question.
    – Stewart
    Mar 15 at 12:46
  • option 2 is what im asking
    – lunix
    Mar 15 at 12:49
  • 2
    A couple of probs with the questions. Firstly, as Stewart says, this is off topic. Secondly, no, there is no easy way by bash scripting. You can install Arch, change window and desktop managers etc... that's simple enuff, Arch Wiki definitely has instructions. But building a full distro requires deep-level understanding of software packages, dependencies etc. Try LFS for size - that at least has pretty thorough documentation. Mar 15 at 15:11
  • In a nutshell, if you're asking this question then you don't yet know the basics to even start thinking about it. Mar 15 at 23:32


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