If I run uname -r on my system it returns 6.1.19-1-lts, but if I give the command pacman -Q linux, then it returns "linux 6.2.5.arch1-1".

So what exactly does this mean? My kernel is different than what? I guess I don't understand what pacman is telling me. I mean if I am running lts, then how can pacman say I am running something different?

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    Is linux 6.2.5.arch1-1 the only thing pacman -Q linux returns? AFAIK, to apply new kernels, you need to reboot the system after a kernel update.
    – telometto
    Commented Mar 14, 2023 at 19:42

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I think you are confusing the lts kernel (linux-lts) and the stable kernel (linux).

If uname -r returns 6.1.19-1-lts then that is the kernel currently in use.

pacman -Q linux is asking “what version of the stable kernel have I got installed?

So in summary, you are running the lts kernel but have the stable kernel also installed.

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