I am trying to configure ad hoc mode in my Rpi 3 model B. When I do it first time it working properly but after reboot wifi mode was changed to managed mode which is default mode.

I follow this link https://pyshine.com/How-to-configure-Raspberry-Pi-in-Ad-hoc-wifi-mode/

I just need to configure it without dhcp server. I need to configure static ip adrress for three raspberry pis to create network . Anyone know what is the reason why this configurations doesn't work ?

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    Welcome to U&L. It's probably resolvable, but you should show the applicable configurations. Please edit the question to add them, and please enclose the configs in the code brackets { } to preserve formatting. In general all new info, clarifications etc. should be added to the question instead of in comments, as this keeps the question up-to-date and everything relevant readily available. Mar 14 at 14:20


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