I newbie with Linux. Just installed Mint in a virtual machine (VMware) and get a problem with vm-tools:

When switching between fullscreen and windowed, the screen scale resets to 200% (I need 150% for my monitor). Also, if I change screen scale manually the mouse gets locked in the virtual machine window and I have to press CTRL+ALT to release the cursor. Other features work.

By default, open-vm-tools is installed on the system.
I tried removing open-vm-tools (and open-vm-tools-desktop) with the command:
sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove open-vm-tools-desktop
then installed "VMware Tools":

Player > Manage > Install VMware Tools ...
extract archive
run sudo ./vmware-install.pl

After reboot, no scaling issues when switching window modes - this works great. The mouse moves freely in the VM and back. But copy/paste stops working!
Google says that in this case you need to install open-vm-tools-desktop. It helps, but the scaling problem comes back.
Both functions are important for me))

Host OS: Windows 10 Pro
VMware® Workstation 17 Player (17.0.1)
Guest OS: Mint 21.1 (Kernel: Linux 5.15.0-56-generic)

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I found an unexpected workaround: you can install KDE Plasma to Mint and it works fine with open-vm-tools! scaling doesn't reset, copy/paste works.

I used tasksel to install.

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