I have a Debian Linux install that boots but only to a specific point...

The booting stops at a firmware error. My system seems to be RO and when I boot into a "safe mode," to alter the set up to handle firmware-realtek for my Ethernet Port in /lib/firmware, I cannot do anything since it is RO.

Is there a way to place and save files, .fw files, so that the system accepts them and I can finally boot?

rtl_nic/rtl8168-2.fw is the file in question that is preventing my Ethernet Port from working on this model of motherboard.

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You'll have to manually remount the system to read/write:

# mount / -oremount,rw

After this your root filesystem will be mounted read/write so you can modify files.

Normally this step is performed at the appropriate point when the system progresses from starting with its initial setup and system checks to enabling a full multi-user environment, but during safe mode it doesn't -- because it's meant to be safe mode, to allow you to run checks before it does anything that might affect the system and/or trigger whatever happened that made you feel it was necessary to boot into safe mode in the first place.


I could not find an answer quick enough or by any research performed. I booted another image to the machine in question. For some reason, it booted w/out error this time.

I see that firmware-realtek is not even a thing but that it is referenced in many places online.

  • Yes it is. apt search firmware-realtek returns firmware-realtek/stable,stable,now 20210315-3 all [installed] ... Binary firmware for Realtek wired/wifi/BT adapters. You need to have the non-free repo in your /etc/sources.list to apt install it. Commented Mar 9, 2023 at 7:08
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  • @Peregrino69 , thank you. I misunderstood how to attain the firmware-realtek installs.
    – De Funct
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  • @Community , I do not know what happened and to say that I am completely sure of what happened will be false. I am sorry.
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