I have the following line in my .zshrc:

export PROMPT="%n@%K{9}%m%k:%~# "

It works if I connect directly

enter image description here

But doesn't work inside tmux

enter image description here

How to fix?

  • Is your tmux configured to start zsh as a login shell, or as a non-login shell? That affects whether it sources .zshrc or .zprofile I think? Mar 6 at 22:20
  • 1
    TERM=tmux tput colors indicates that that terminal emulator only supports 8 colours on my system. I have tmux-256color terminfo entry so maybe tmux can be configured to support 256 colours (assuming its host terminal(s) can too) and then you'd need to make sure $TERM is set to that value if tmux doesn't do it already. Mar 7 at 6:17
  • How to do this, don't understand?
    – Dims
    Mar 14 at 19:34

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Addition of

set-option -g default-terminal "tmux-256color"

to ~/.tmux.conf helped.

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