I have added the users to the wheel group and have tried disabling password for some commands. Since that did not work, I tried disabling it for all commands:

%wheel  ALL=(ALL)        NOPASSWD: ALL

However, I am still prompted for the password. I have setup the exact same settings on a different machine and the other machine works without issues. They are all AlmaLinux 8 machines but one does not work for some reason.

I've removed all the other users to test and it still does not work. Here's what I have configured and it does not work

Defaults rootpw
root    ALL=(ALL)       ALL
%wheel  ALL=(ALL)        NOPASSWD: ALL

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This is a cloud environment and there was the following entry in /etc/sudoers.d/waagent:

clouduser ALL = (ALL) ALL

Removed the file and everything is working as intended.

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