I recently migrated from Gnome to KDE. Gnome was my first and only Linux desktop environment. In Gnome terminal dynamic word wrapping was already implemented by default. I don't see that in KDE Plasma. Is there a ready-to-use or easy to implement dynamic word wrapping for KDE Konsole?

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    Which konsole version are your running ? AFAIK dynamic word wrapping was implemented in 21.04
    – MC68020
    Mar 3 at 13:41
  • @MC68020 Mine says 20.12.3. apt update shows nothing to upgrade... Is something wrong with my system?
    – Jackson
    Mar 3 at 15:22

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Dynamic word wrapping in Konsole has been requested for ages… (2009)!!

The request was eventually satisfied a dozen of years later and released in Konsole 21.04

Therefore the only way to get dynamic word wrapping is… to upgrade konsole to >=21.04
Upgrade which will request the upgrade of the kde-frameworks and qt* packages and consequently the upgrade of the whole lot of plasma-desktop & kde-apps packages.

Some versions of some distributions might not, to date, allow that.

  • I use Debian without any extra (no Ubuntu or Kubuntu etc) and in Debian database there doesn't seem to be the latest Konsole version..
    – Jackson
    Mar 4 at 13:54
  • @Jackson : Just realizing that too. packages.debian.org/search?keywords=konsole It seems you'd have to "upgrade" to bookworm . Too many things depend on the qt* packages. Making almost nothing of the whole kde framework updateable separatrly.
    – MC68020
    Mar 4 at 14:09
  • I've been trying to open gnome-terminal in /usr/bin/ directory in KDE but when I double-click it, nothing happens. Is there any way to make gnome terminal as the default terminal emulator in KDE?
    – Jackson
    Mar 4 at 20:24
  • @Jackson : You could try via kde-plasma system-settings > Applications > Default Applications. In my plasma 5.25.5, this place offers un scrolldown menu for setting default Terminal emulator
    – MC68020
    Mar 4 at 21:07

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