Suppose I want to use the command eg. from the project info2html and it's not available on my system. Some distro's sometimes suggest packages for some missing commands that are expected (ie. considered common), but not for all commands (and not all distros).

How do I find out if there is a package for the desired program in my distribution, and if yes, which package do I need to install? Is there, what is the 'right way' to do this?

Some examples with specific distros like Debian are welcome. :) It may depend on the package management software. Useful terminology is also welcome, so I can find this functionality in a given package ecosystem.


Depends on the platform.

Deb based:

apt-file search info2html

RPM based:

yum whatprovides info2html

IPS (Solaris 11, OpenIndiana, OmniOS, etc) based:

pkg search info2html

FreeBSD (OpenBSD?):

cd /usr/ports
make search key=info2html

NetBSD, SmartOS:

pkg_search info2html

Gentoo Linux:

emerge --search info2html
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