I'm using pretty much the standard i3 config and sometimes I press the wrong keys and this extra bar shows up at the top:


I believe it's the "parent container"? How do I hide the bar again? It disappears if I close all windows on that workspace, but reappears once I open a window again. I'd like to find a solution that doesn't require restarting i3.

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This looks to me like you've switched to a stacking layout. For example, I have this in my config file:

bindsym $mod+s layout stacking
bindsym $mod+w layout tabbed
bindsym $mod+e layout toggle split

The default is usually split. Perhaps you pressed $mod+s to switch to stacking. Try $mod+e to switch back.

See section 6.3 of the i3 docs: https://i3wm.org/docs/userguide.html#manipulating_layout

  • Heya, nope sorry. That's not it, unfortunately. :( If I switch between stacking, tabbed and split views, then the S[ just changes to T[ or V[. But that bar just stays there.
    – finefoot
    Feb 22 at 19:08
  • Sorry that didn't help. To clarify, the title bar that say i3: S[google-chrome], is that another Chrome tab or window?
    – Sean Burns
    Feb 22 at 19:41
  • That extra bar is exactly what I want to get rid of. ;) It's nothing but that bar. No extra window. If I close all other windows, that bar also disappears. And as soon as I open a new window again, it shows up.
    – finefoot
    Feb 22 at 19:57

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