So I run an Arch Linux setup with i3wm, and Xorg (how original am I).

Where I work employees can work from home by using Parsec. The reason for this is because they're artists and need the low latency, 4:4:4, etc, etc. And we can't give them powerful enough laptops for them to do it locally (nevermind other issues like accessing network files when some of them are limited to 30mbit home connections0.

I can see all the machines, so when someone needs a bit of help or has an issue, I can just remote into their machine with Parsec.

My issue is that I have remapped the caps lock key on my machines, to be the hyper modifier (changed via .Xmodmap). And anything related to controlling i3 uses that modifier. I do this because hyper is essentially abandoned, so it's lovely because I know there won't be conflicts, and I still have super/windows key available as well (and the traditional ctrl etc).

One common shortcut I use is hyper (physical caps lock key) + tab, to switch between the last two workspaces, and hyper+shift+(1-9) to move the current window to a numerically named workspace. Obviously I use these a lot when moving the Parsec window around, setting up each of the Parsec screens in its own workspace, going back and forth to a browser when I'm googling their issue, etc.

The issue is that when I do this on a Parsec window (which can be happening once every few seconds if flipping between workspaces), it presses the caps lock key in the Windows client, and turns on/off caps lock.

This is very frustrating for both me, and the person I'm trying to help.

I'd like a way to prevent certain windows or programs from even seeing certain keys. Another example, is I often use right alt on Discord for hold to speak. I obviously have to turn off hold to speak when I'm on Parsec, else every time I speak it starts messing with the users mouse/writing/etc.

Essentially I need a way to block out the ability for certain programs to see certain key presses.

I've tried looking around, but I can't find anything like this sort of functionality.


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