When I try to connect to a remote server using PCManFM-Qt Version: 0.16.0: "Go" "Connet to server" "Type SSH" I get the error message: The name: 1.83 was not provided by any service files

Does did not solve to install: jmtpfs mtp-tools libmtp-runtime cdtool libcurl3-gnutls libcurl4 libtiff5 umtp-responder go-mtpfs gmtp libid3tag0 lxqt-archiver libfm-tools nautilus. Strangely nautilus connects without any errors.

Interestingly, the connections I make in Nautilus show up in PCManFM-Qt

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This worked for me:

sudo killall gvfsd
nautilus -q

No need to reboot anything. Just plug again and open Nautilus.

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