ok so I connected ethernet cable it shows connected but not working ping Google not working but ping is working how can I fix it?

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    Feb 3 at 20:13
  • put the contents of /etc/resolv.conf in your question. BTW: it is not something simple as ping google not working, but ping google.com is working is it? Feb 3 at 22:28

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So many unknowns in this question. Try to get more information Like do you have the firewall turned on ? is it blocking port 53? try to see if you have a default route to it with traceroute which uses a udp packet and a unprivileged port

traceroute -4 -n

Should tell you something then to see if you have a tcp route to it which requires root privilege with

sudo traceroute -4 -n -T -p 53

One or both of these should tell you if your being blocked.

What is it that's failing ? if both the traceroutes work did you try nslookup with a third argument ?

nslookup google.com

if that works then you have to look at /etc/resolv.conf to see what your default nameserver is set to, sounds like it should have a line something like


refer to man resolv.conf if it's not

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