I recently changed video cards and now my xfce4-panel isn't showing up. I've checked the process list and found that xfce4-panel is running and I've tried restarting it. I made no other changes other than switching video cards and had a working config before.

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It could be that you panel is set to go to a specific video port that you're not using anymore. If you can open a terminal window, then you can start the xfce4-settings-manager and check what output the panel is set to go to.


Then click on Panel. Under the Output setting see if it's set to something specific like DP1 or HDMI0, if so, try changing that setting to Primary or Automatic and see if your panel reappears. It should happen instantly once you change it.

In my case, I got rid of using my display port and switched back to an HDMI port, but my output setting was set to specifically DP1.

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