TLDR: What environment variables should I update to guarantee that my system has access to everything a package provides when building it on a non-traditional path?

I usually don't have root access to the system where I work, so I install my packages on local folder under my home directory:


Over time, this creates the typical folder hierarchy that includes


among others.

In order to properly provide access to the corresponding binaries and libraries after installation, I update PATH to include ~/my_installations/bin and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include ~/my_installations/lib.

However, how can I provide implicit access to the rest of the material under my build path ? What other environment variables should I update to have everything else available to command line tools and my system in general? (e.g. include paths, man pages, etc.).

Is there a general set of standards or guide for this?

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You can update MANPATH (as well as INFOPATH) to point at your personal directory's man pages. Unfortunately, there's no single way to tell software to also look in your include paths. You might have to set CFLAGS (but not always) or other variable used in the build system.

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