I set Quota limit on nginx by running

systemctl set-property nginx.service CPUAccounting=1 MemoryAccounting=1 CPUQuota=45% MemoryLimit=8G

it works fine now I want to remove it I run

systemctl set-property nginx.service CPUAccounting=0 MemoryAccounting=0

this command disables the Quota but the files still exist in

ls /etc/systemd/system.control/nginx.service.d/

  1. is there a way to remove quota completely from systemd (I want to remove nginx.service.d folder by command)

  2. Can I list all Quota limits on all services ?

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    You should focus on one question only. About 1) Check this. About 2) and 3) I recommend you ask another question for 3 and leave the question 2 here Jan 17 at 8:43


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