I have installed pycharm via flatpak on linux Mint 21.1. I want to open every .py file in the PyCharm application. But when I right click and choose "open with other application" PyCharm is not on the list.

How can I set PyCharm to be default app for .py files ?

Thank you for help


I found .desktop file in /home/kacka/.local/share/applications/userapp-com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Professional.desktop-95N5X1.desktop but when I try to set it up I get this: screenshot

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    How do you open PyCharm? by clicking on an icon (using a desktop file)? Jan 10 at 20:11
  • I open it using menu in the desktop dock. I pres "win" key a then write down "pycharm" Jan 10 at 20:33
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    I believe you are using a desktop file and therefore it should appear in the list of apps when you select: "open with other application". Run these commands and show what you get: find ~/.local/share/applications -iname "*pycharm*" and find /usr/share/applications -iname "*pycharm*" Jan 10 at 20:45
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    Also try this: find /var/lib/flatpak -iname "*pycharm*.desktop" (if you don't get any output from previous commands) Jan 10 at 21:11
  • @EdgarMagallon I have edited my question with more information Jan 10 at 21:33

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Solution was to go to:


where I found this:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  105 Jan  7 13:28 com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Professional -> ../../app/com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Professional/current/active/export/bin/com.jetbrains.PyCharm-Professional

So I set up default aplication to:


and now it works

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