I could use M-x find-function to find the source code of some elisp functions if the function is not written in C code.

But since I am using a Debian binary package of Emacs , some of the source code is omitted and only the byte-compiled .elc files preserved. So is there any way to get the source code and attach them with those elc files? Can I use apt-get source emacs and associate with the src (C code as well) with the byte-compiled one. Or do I have to build Emacs from source code?

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    An educated guess is that you need to install emacs23-el or emacs24-el. Apr 20 '13 at 16:49

To keep the installation smaller, Debian's emacs metapackage does not include the Elisp source code (as you've noticed). Debian packages that in emacsVERSION-el. There is no emacs-el metapackage, so you'll have to install the -el package for the appropriate version of Emacs.

Currently, that's emacs23-el, because the emacs metapackage installs emacs23.

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