I was installing virtual box using the latest development release from the official website. After working with it for a while, I installed it using

$ ./VirtualBox-7.0.5-154910-Linux_amd64.run uninstall

Just after it was uninstalled, all the icons (not just desktop icons) vanished. no icons no icons

No icons present in settings options no icons for settings options

On top of that many gnome apps like tweaks, gnome-terminal are not opening up. I suspect that there was some bug in the virtual-box run file, uninstalled all icons while installing the software. How do I fix this?

How do I reinstall desktop environment?

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There was something broken in the gnome installation, fixed it using the following:

  1. Install some other desktop environment, log out and log in with that desktop environment, I used xfce.
$ dnf install @xfce-desktop-environment
  1. Open terminal in xfce, re-install gnome
$ dnf remove @gnome-desktop
$ dnf install @gnome-desktop

Power off and start the system again

$ systemctl poweroff

Change to gnome desktop environment, everything works fine.

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