I am studying for RHCSA with the book by Asghar Ghori. I use virtualbox 7 and RHEL 9 on my macbook. Currently I am in Chapter 14 about Stratis and doing the exercise to create and confirm a pool and file system. But An error occurred and I cannot move forward.

Here are the steps and the error.

  1. first confirm the disk availability
$ lsblk /dev/sdf
sdf    8:80   0   1G  0 disk
  1. create a pool and verify
$ sudo stratis pool create bookpool /dev/sdf
$ sudo stratis pool list
Name      Total / Used / Free               Properties    UUID                                  Alerts
bookpool  1 Gib / 5126.82 Mib / 507.18 Mib  ~Ca, ~Cr, Op  7fe605a5-8620-4c65-9cfl-326270784c78  WS001
  1. display the block device used to form the pool
$ sudo stratis blockdev list bookpool
Pool Name   Device Node   Physical Size   Tier
bookpool    /dev/sdf             1 Gib    Data

so far so good. But here's the problem.

  1. The fourth step should create a file system called bookfs in the bookpool and return no output. But I got an error instead.
$ sudo stratis filesystem create bookpool bookfs
Execution failed:
stratisd failed to perform the operation that you requested. It returned the following information 
via the D-Bus: ERROR: Command failed:  cmd: "/usr/sbin/mkfs.xfs" "-f" "-q" "/dev/dm-7" 
"-m" "uuid=26c8b46b-2a4b-44db-947d-e8fd89268fdc", exit reason: 1 stdout: stderr: log stripe unit 
(1048576 bytes) is too large (maximum is 256KiB) log stripe unit adjusted to 32Kib
mkfs.xfs: libxfs_device_zero write failed: No space left on device.

I searched the error message but no luck. Can anyone please help me out?

1 Answer 1

  1. Increase the block device size as 2GB and proceed as usual
  2. Run the filesystem command with --size option like the one below
    sudo stratis filesystem create --size 10GiB pool_name filesystem_name
  • Increasing the device size to 5GB worked. 1 through 4GB didn't work. Thank you.
    – Nameadd
    May 30 at 23:07

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