I am trying to start my virtual machine (RHEL 8) in my VMware but it displays this error

enter image description here

Previously I tried to unmount a newly added virtual HD which worked fine

But in lsblk -f it was still mounted

I thought restarting would work but then it started showing that screen from the image above

Can someone tell me why am I getting this error and what are the steps to fix this

  • Remove quiet rhgb from grub options, boot, take a picture, edit your question and post it here. Jan 1, 2023 at 13:59
  • what is quiet rhgb and how can I remove them Jan 1, 2023 at 14:37
  • 2
    Run the command in the error - journalctl -xb. It could be a bad entry in fstab, but you should see some details in the system log.
    – user103944
    Jan 1, 2023 at 16:33
  • journalctl may not necessarily contain any useful info if e.g. the root partition fails to get mounted. Jan 1, 2023 at 18:31
  • @user103944 you were right. It was a bad entry in fstab . I logged in as root in the emergency mode and removed the entry that caused the error. Now my system is working fine again. Thank You. Jan 2, 2023 at 8:06

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I solved this error by removing the entry in fstab that I had made for the new Hard Disk Partition which was causing the error. I realised that I was trying to unmount a partition with the umount command which was actually mounted by making an entry in fstab

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