I am doing as a project for my university; the first phase is to build LFS with some extras; the last requirement I have to meet is to show the prompt, and there I found that I still had to do all the files/directories in chapter 3 of the book: Chapter3: The Bash Shell Startup Files; so before doing this chapter (luckily) I made a snapshot of the VM just in case. After doing all the steps required, I rebooted the machine and lost the ability to use bash, so obviously I had misconfigured something.

Am I able to recover access to bash or should I return to the snapshot and start again?

In this image the output is in Spanish; but basically says that command was not found.

Picture showing the output of bash every time I try to use a command (output is in Spanish as it is the language configured)


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It seems your PATH is unset for any reason.

To add it again:

printf '%s\n' "export PATH='/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin'" >> ~/.bashrc 
source ~/.bashrc

Adapt the command if bash is not the default shell.

The diagnostic is simple, all built-in commands works, but not those requiring to be eXecutables in $PATH


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