Where can I find the keyboard shortcuts and configuration file for PDF Arranger?

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F10 show main menu

Delete delete
Ctrl + Z undo
Ctrl + Y redo
Ctrl + X cut
Ctrl + C copy
Ctrl + V paste after
Ctrl + Shift + V paste before
Ctrl + A select all
Ctrl + Shift + A de-select all

Ctrl + Right rotate(90)
Ctrl + Left rotate(-90)
Ctrl + + zoom-in
Ctrl + - zoom-out
F zoom-fit
F11 fullscreen

C page-format
Ctrl + S save
Ctrl + Shift + S save-as
Ctrl + E export selecting to single file
Ctrl + Shift + E export all pages to individual files
Ctrl + P print
Ctrl + W close
Ctrl + Q quit
Ctrl + N new
Ctrl + O open
Ctrl + I import

NOTE: The keyboard shortcuts for PDF Arranger are located in pdfarranger/pdfarranger/config.py

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