Is there a way to configure awesomewm as windows manager but running KDE as desktop environment?

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You need to mask the KWin systemd service and create a new user unit for awesomewm. See the entry in the Arch wiki.


The window manager that KDE uses is kwin, so you can replace it with any other window manager, including awesomewm. One possibility of doing this is setting the KDEWM environment variable to the binary of your window manager before running startkde.

Therefore yes they can coexist together more or less as you want. In my case I have never done it with KDE, but I was using Gnome with awesomewm for a while. The truth is that joint use is something uncomfortable and unnecessary. I finally stayed at pure awesomewm. But this is just personal opinion.

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    This method will not work with current versions of Plasma. Dec 13, 2022 at 10:08

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