I'm new to unix and I'm having a hard time doing this loop.

I have a directory with a list of files and I'm able to list all of those files in a text file.

I have a text file that contains the following contents:

  • FileName01.xml
  • FileName02.xml
  • FileName03.xml
  • FileNameNN.xml

I want to create a text file separately for each of those contents. The output should be like this:

-File name of the text file: Filename01.txt -Content of the text file: FileName01.xml

And so on and so forth

I'm trying using for loop to create a text file for each of those contents and I can't seem to make it.

This is the current script that I'm working on:

ls /directory/input > filelist.txt
for f in filelist.txt;
    printf f > 'file_*.txt'
  • for f in $(ls /directory/input);do echo $f > ${f}.txt; done Is this the answer you need? I use a translation software, can understand the wrong question Dec 4, 2022 at 16:23
  • @山河以无恙 please don't use $(ls): See unix.stackexchange.com/questions/128985/… ; also, even if it worked reliably, it would be less useful than for f in /directory/input/* ; …, which is nicer.. Dec 4, 2022 at 21:10

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I suggest


shopt -s nullglob

for f in /directory/input/*.xml; do
  printf '%s\n' "$bn" > "${f%.xml}.txt"

See Shell Parameter Expansion for an explanation of the prefix and suffix removal syntax.

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