I know that the finger command used to display information about local and remote users.

finger --> display users log in on local machine, even if remotely.

finger @hostname --> display users log in on the remote machine.

finger user@hostname --> I don't know what is it used for?

and who command used to know info about the local machine users only, is it true?

  • Is this question about finger or about who?
    – depquid
    Apr 16, 2013 at 19:10

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"Displays information about the users currently logged in to the local machine" - who man page. You can also specify a file for who to read from, like old logins file.


Displays information about the user (being local or remote if a host is supplied) or all users if no username is supplied. finger provides much more information about user login, when he logged-in, idle time, etc. .. It is much more informative than who.

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