I have checked lsusb, sudo fdisk -i, and eventually even my boot menu. No matter what it does not show up. I can hear the drive's fan working so I know it is receiving power, and the USB port is working fine. Any ideas what I could do?

I tried with a different cable and it was the same result. I have also had this hard drive working with this laptop using this USB port before. The only change since it last worked was a system update. If there are any screenshots/logs I can/should add, please ask.

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    Have you rebooted from cold (ie not from hibernation) since the system update? Have you tried connecting the drive to a friends computer? That will test for a disk failure. Try journalctl -p4 -b just after plugging in the disk and check for any clues at the end of the output with the corresponding time stamp
    – PonJar
    Nov 25 at 8:11


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