Akonadi server is well known for being launched with the very first application needing it. (Kmail, KaddressBook, KOrganizer…)

Previously running KDE-Plasma-5.23 with a given set of widgets (including some digital-clock + calendar) the akonadi server would never be launched until I voluntarily launch kmail.

Updating to KDE-Plasma-5.24 (same set of widgets, same services running) I realize that akonadi server & sons is launched right at DE startup time.

For hundreds of reasons, I just do not want that:

  1. Is there somewhere any sort of new tuneable I missed?

  2. I realize that some process I had never previously seen is running: /usr/bin/kalendarac son of /usr/bin/plasma_session Could it be the immediate culprit? Is this the application the digital-clock default widget now relies on ?

    1. Is there a way to tell kalendarac not to launch the akonadi server ? (I already tried disabling all sorts of calendar events as part of the widget's settings with no impact noticed on the launch of the akonadi server)
    2. Is there a way to make so this widget behaves just as it used to under KDE-Plasma-5.23 (using akonadi-stuff unaware sources of information)?
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    @muru : Rather than feeling just stupid realizing that I had written "launched at startup" without immediately having the finger on the solution… I prefer thanking you for having retag-ed my question since it is only when I discovered startup as a tag that the path to the solution got brightly illuminated. Thanks indeed.
    – MC68020
    Nov 20, 2022 at 16:10

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Contrarily to what stated as part of the akonadi page linked in OP, the digital-clock widget (whatever its configuration regarding events) holds actually no responsibility in launching the akonadi stuff.

However, the all brand new (*) /usr/bin/kalendarac does.

Son of /usr/bin/plasma_session it is autostarted by default thanks to some dedicated .desktop entry in the /etc/xdg/autostart directory : org.kde.kalendarac.desktop

As usual with xdg services, disabling this system-wide entry (creating an overriding entry containing Hidden=true) will efficiently prevent kalendarac from being automatically launched at startup, this incidentally preventing the automatic launch of all the akonadi stuff.

(*) First appearance on my system triggered by an upgrade from akonadi-calendar-21. to akonadi-calendar-22. following KDE Gear 22.04 BTW not immediately related to the KDE-Plasma-5.23 to 5.24 upgrade as I could have suggested in the question.

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