I understand that a long-running job on a server should be started with nohup/screen/tmux. But sometimes by mistake, I will start a job w/o realizing how long it would take. For example, I recently issued a move command (in an ssh shell) from a physically mounted directory to a network-mounted one (w/o knowing the second one was a network mount).

What is the solution for this besides babysitting the ssh shell?


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Well, in the terminal running the mv you can do:

  1. Press Ctrl+Z.
  2. bg

And, that will continue the execution of the move in the background.
As a side note; If you suspend/background a lot, then you may want to run jobs after the Ctrl+Z and get the number of the mv job so you background the right job (e.g. bg 1.)

Hope that helps.

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