I have thousands of files here which i have to do a replace on. SO i am trying to create a bash program which will loop through all the old variables and replace them with new variables. So here is what i have currently.

I have a file with all the old and new variables for example: So i would need to replace the first value with the second value. I have named this file new.


now i have written a while loop as follows

while IFS="," read old new; do
find . -name "savedsearches.conf" -exec sed "s/$old/$new/g" '{}' \; 
done < new

this does work. it replaces the old value with the new value. but in the savedsearches.conf file i am trying to target specific strings to get replaced for example

index = "web_matchmaker"
index= "web_pdconfig"

and not some random sentence in the file like for example

description: web_lgl contains AWS data. which is collected from AWS.

SO i need to tweak my bash script so that i can target only the variables with index= as the starting part and ignore every other occurence of the string. I have tried adding index= to the bash program but i am not getting any hits. for example the below code does not produce any hits.

while IFS="," read old new; do
find . -name "savedsearches.conf" -exec sed "s/index=$old/index=$new/g" '{}' \; 
done < new

Is there any way to tweak my bash script so that it specifically targets values after index= instead of any random sentence that the find command finds?

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This regular expression in sed should only do the substitution on lines starting with index.

while IFS="," read old new; do
find . -name "savedsearches.conf" -exec sed "/^index/s/index=$old/index=$new/g" '{}' \; 
done < new
  • This approach will work. Thanks @Anthony. Nov 14, 2022 at 15:51

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