So I got a message from somebody at Anaconda that I should refrain from using anaconda3 since it's not allowed within a company context to use it. Because I mainly used it as a launcher for jupyter notebooks, I uninstalled it. Of course, me being stupid I forgot to save my open panels before doing that. When I launched it from the command line I was presented with an empty workspace.

I tried copying the .anaconda3_backup workspace but that didn't really help a lot.

Would there be a way to retrieve what was in that workspace, knowing that the files may NOT have been saved as .pynbk? I have been searching with updatedb/locate and grep in the backup dir but no luck so far.

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Try to search for the expansion ".ipynb". Opening a Jupyter workspace usually just opens the directory you are in. So the notebooks shouldn't be lost. Try: find . -name "*.ipynb" in your home folder for example

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