If I'm not wrong, Lynx will save the cookies from a session on a file, the default is ~/.lynx_cookies. But, when I accept cookies in Lynx session with Always or Yes when prompted, the cookies doesn't saved!

Lynx man page says:

specifies a file to use to read cookies. If none is specified, the default value is ~/.lynx_cookies for most systems, but ~/cookies for MS-DOS. -cookie_save_file=FILENAME
specifies a file to use to store cookies. If none is specified, the value given by -cookie_file is used.

But I don't have such file on my home directory.

What should I do to enable cookies on Lynx?

Thanks @stoney! It works!
What I have done:

$ cp /etc/lynx.cfg $HOME
$ export LYNX_CFG=$HOME/lynx.cfg

Add/edit this line on $HOME/lynx.cfg


Restart your terminal (or just source your .bashrc). Then, restart lynx. Done!

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Look for the config-directive PERSISTENT_COOKIES, this is what you're searching for. It's configured in lynx.cfg, usually in /etc/lynx/. You can use environment-variable LYNX_CFG to switch to another config.

This setting is more or less the opposite of "Discard Cookies at session-end" in desktop-browsers.

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