How do I get apps inside folders to display correctly in nautilus?

The apps show as Desktop Configuration Files and have no icon, also, when double-clicked, they open up with the text editor. This is only true for folders, with the Desktop Icons extension they display and run as normal. See picture:

enter image description here

As a workaround I have installed nemo, and this does seem to handle these things properly. All those apps are showing correctly in nemo:

enter image description here

The only issue that I have with nemo (or any other file manager I've installed) is that It doesn't have the titlebar buttons:

enter image description here

I have gnome-tweaks installed, and I did enable the minimize and maximize option in there. I also, enabled those options in the settings, but to no avail. So, how do I make nautilus to show the icons correctly and actually let me run them on double-click? Or, as a workaround, how do I get the titlebar buttons to show and work on nemo?

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Using Gnome cripples .desktop files due to "security" reasons. Nautilus represents Gnome and therefore doesn't allow executing them. See more information

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