I have some hardware that is sending commands over /dev/ttyACM0 every once in a while and I'd like to execute them in a terminal. For example, if the ascii "ls" comes over /dev/ttyACM0, I'd like to have a terminal actually run that. Is there some command-line-fu I can use to do that?


You should be able to just run the following

sh /dev/ttyACM0

This will treat /dev/ttyACM0 as a script and run anything that comes from it.

  • Are the results of the command in the terminal sent back to the Serial port. i.e, is it one way or two way terminal communication? – Ufoguy Dec 15 '13 at 18:50
  • Bash treats it as a script. Meaning bash doesn't know that it's not a script. It see's a file that it can read commands from and so it does just that. If the /dev device supports it, you can just do a normal shell redirect to send the output into it. – Patrick Dec 15 '13 at 22:28

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