Almost every time I shutdown my PC I have to wait about a 2 minutes for:

A stop job is running for user manager for UID 1000

I know this is caused by the winedevice.exe process

Only way I found to solve it would be running:

kill -9 $(ps aux |grep -i '\.exe' |awk '{print $2}'|tr '\n' ' ')

But I would like this to be done automatically before shutting down or restarting

Or that systemd would kill the process instantly instead of waiting 2 minutes

I've tried in every way to create a service to do this but nothing works

I already reduced the time in /etc/systemd/system.conf but it doesn't work either...

Can anyone help?

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cat $HOME/.config/systemd/user.conf

  • Thanks a lot That worked
    – eusouobn
    Oct 16, 2022 at 0:42

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