I am trying to set an immutable attribute on some files that are in my home directory. But I keep getting:

chattr +i test.txt
chattr: Operation not permitted while setting flags on test.txt

but when I do:

sudo chattr +i test.txt

it works. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong? Internet guides are full of running the chattr without sudo.


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From the chattr man page:

A file with the i attribute cannot be modified: it cannot be deleted or renamed, no link can be created to this file and no data can be written to the file. Only the superuser or a process possessing the CAP_LINUX_IMMUTABLE capability can set or clear this attribute.

The same applies to the a flag (append only), and the j flag (data journaling) requires the CAP_SYS_RESOURCE capability.

So getting an error when trying to se the i flag as a regular user is expected.

There are some other flags that don't require privileges to set, not that I'm sure there are too many useful ones. (E.g. the s (safe deletion) and u (undeletion) flags can be set by any user, they're just not honored by the filesystem...)

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