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date      {                                 Sun Mar 31 12:00
date      |                                 Sun Mar 31 12:00
date      {                                 Sun Mar 31 00:00
date      |                                 Sun Mar 31 00:00

Why are there e.x.: "{" in the last commands output? Some sort of script could do this? (on OpenBSD 5.1)

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The lines you are seeing indicate the system time has been automatically updated. The '|' character indicates the time prior to the change and the '{' character indicates the new time.

Source: man utmp (5)


You can try using strace last to find out what exactly is making the output containing { and | characters.

  • That will only tell you why it printed it, not what caused it to be in the log in the first place. – Chris Down Apr 24 '13 at 17:24

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