I have a publicly available Apache server. Is it possible to redirect all incoming requests (e.g. http://publicname/test/) so that all accesses to /test/ are redirected to another server (in the private network, and not exposed to the internet, e.g. without using anything besides Apache?

 Internet --- httpp://xx.xx.xx/> Public Apache <- 192. 168. 1 .3   --- 192.168.1 .4-> Private Apache

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I did this exact thing by modifying the apache configuration file, which is /etc/httpd/httpd.conf. All you have to do is add a section like this:

<Location /flask/>
    ProxyPass http://flask.intranet:8080/
    ProxyPassReverse http:/flask.intranet:8080/

"intranet" is what I have set up as the internal domain name. "flask" is the internal-only machine you have as I presume, but don't know for certain, that you could replace "flask.intranet" with "". The "/flask/" in the <Location> tag is what you refer to as "/test/".

I did this with Apache 2.2.21, but I bet it would work with other versions. Also, don't do what I did, use apachectl to stop and start Apache before you try to troubleshoot a configuration that "isn't working".

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