How to monitor which process interacts with /dev/input/eventX. In this case, keyboard input events. Is there a way to know which process entered a specific input and watch for that event? Is that even possible?


Recently, my Ubuntu 20.04 installation started to exhibit weird behaviour. After using it for a time, a precise bug happens

  • Windows get minimized and restored multiple times
  • The Gnome shell is displayed and hidden many times
  • The mouse is moved many times almost instantly
  • The Gnome workspace (desktop) is also changed
  • A right-click is issued

This is always the same behaviour.

While using logkeys utility in the keyboard input (/dev/input/event3), I recorded the following keys being pressed while the bug happens:

2022-09-24 20:23:20-0400 > <Enter><E-72><E-73><E-73><E-72><E-72><E-72><E-72><E-72><E-73><BckSp><BckSp>ȁ
2022-09-24 20:24:05-0400 > <Enter><LCtrl><LShft><PgDn><Esc><LAlt><Tab><LAlt><Tab><LCtrl><LAlt><Up>

This allows me to conclude that an unknown program (and therefore process) triggers these events directly in my keyboard device.


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