Monodevelop from git in KDE 4.10.2 does not render text in code edit tabs monodevelop run in xterm in kde - no text rendered, no errors

I tried with xfce and text is rendered ok there.

I tried disabling composition with alt shift f12 and restarting x server but it was no better. I also tried disabling font softening in monodevelop options and disabling plugins. I also tried temporarily deleting my KDE profile.

This is dual screen setup on Nvidia with nouveau. OS is slackware64-current.

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This is a problem with oxygen-gtk theme. Change it to oxygen-molecule.

  • I only had original oxygen theme listed, but changing it to something else fixed the issue; tho now I don't have as nice rounded windows :)
    – Spikolynn
    Jan 31, 2014 at 11:55

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