I am trying to find all of the source files used for the make process of building a kernel. For instance, if I compile the kernel with "make allnoconfig", where are the source files used when compiling this kind of kernel after running "make"? I thought it'd be useful to know which files went into the kernel I'm building. That way I can study the code in them (the ones relevant to the kernel I built).

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The source files relevant to the kernel you are building can be found in the source tree directory specified by the KERNEL_SOURCE variable. By default, the source tree is located in the /usr/src/linux directory.

Within the kernel source tree, the relevant source files are organized in various directories, such as arch (architecture-specific code), drivers (device drivers), fs (filesystems), kernel (core kernel code), and many others.

But in general, I'd suggest you just read some linux kernel books :)

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