I am trying to use haproxy on linux. I installed it using sudo apt install haproxy but after install is complete when I run haproxy -vv i get error haproxy: command not found. I tried running sudo systemctl status haproxy.service -l --no-pager and it shows that haproxy load balancer is active(running). What is happening? Why isn't haproxy command not found? Thanks in advance.

  • Why do you think such command should be? Its just your wish?
    – gapsf
    Sep 12 at 15:17
  • Try 'sudo haproxy', 'type haproxy', 'find / -iname haproxy'
    – gapsf
    Sep 12 at 15:24

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Probably the executable is installed in a directory that isn't in your $PATH. You can run dpkg -L haproxy to see exactly where things were installed. On an Ubuntu 20.04 system, if I apt install haproxy, I see:

$ dpkg -L haproxy | grep bin/

So we can see that the executable is in /usr/sbin/haproxy.

Often, /usr/sbin isn't in the $PATH of non-root users. You can add it to your $PATH, or just use the fully qualified path (/usr/sbin/haproxy).


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