I had a PC with a Windows and Ubuntu dual boot. Same disk with 2 paritions of 500GB each. I decided to install Fedora instead of Ubuntu. So I downloaded project Nobara and installed it. During the installation, I remember that I reclaimed the ubuntu partition and /boot/efi partition. Now when I reboot I don't see windows as an option in Grub.

How can I boot into Windows if I want to.

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It sounds like reclaim in this case could have meant "reformat", which means that other installed boot loader disappear.

  • Put back `\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi' into the EFI-partition (copy from some other windows-install of the same version) Copy other "Microsoft"y-looking folders/folders you find too

  • Edit EFI config with efibootmgr:

    efibootmgr -c -L "Windows Boot Manager" -l "\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi" -d /dev/sdb -p 2 (Adapt sdb2 to wherever your EFI partition is)

  • update/reinstall grub to (re)detect the foreign OSs

I had to look up "Nobara", it seems like a newish fedora-offshoot. Perhaps also consider using one of the more mainstream distros which are less likely to break boot behavior of existing systems without severe warnings.

  • Your answer is detailed and I definitely learnt a thing or two. Earlier I wiped everything and reinstalled windows and then fedora. So I can't confirm if your answer works and mark it as correct, but it does seem correct. Sep 21, 2022 at 23:16

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